ITFS (International Freephone Number)

Extend Your Virtual Enterprise Reach

As competition from both traditional and non-traditional sources increases, companies that conduct business internationally recognize the value of extending their virtual reach. International Toll-Free Service is a vital tool in that endeavor. Even with access to the Internet, the ability for international customers to easily reach a U.S.-based business via live conversation is essential to differentiating business offerings and increasing international market penetration.

Call Center Pros has International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) and Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) are cost-effective ways to provide international toll-free access to a U.S.-based business from many countries around the world. With these services, customers and overseas employees can easily reach you by dialing ITFS and UIFN toll-free numbers at no cost to them.

International Toll-Free Service (ITFS)

If your international toll-free calls originate from a single country, Call Center Pros has ITFS that is for you. This service provides your customers and employees with a single toll-free number to dial from that country. Each country uses a unique number, and Call Center Pros has ITFS is currently available in 150 international locations.

Add International Flexibility To Your Call Center Pros Domestic Toll-Free Service

As a business already enjoying Call Center Pros Domestic Toll-Free Service, you have the opportunity to integrate Call Center Pros ITFS or Call Center Pros UIFN service to create a flexible offering available for enhancing your virtual enterprise. And, Call Center Pros ITFS and Call Center Pros UIFN are offered at very competitive rates.

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