Six Type of Dialers

Six Type of Dialers

Predictive Dialer

Your agents have enough on their plates when it comes to managing outbound campaigns, so why not simplify their ability to contact prospective customers? Using statistical algorithms, a predictive dialer automatically contacts leads while agents are busy finalizing calls, minimizing the time spent between interactions and improving productivity.

Preview Dialer:

In some instances, certain outbound initiatives may require more preparation in between calls. For any given lead list, enable agents to preview prospect information before initiating the next call.

Power Dialer:

Optimize an agent’s performance while increasing the likelihood of reaching or exceeding sales targets. Using fixed call ratios, dial a pre-set number of leads immediately following an agent’s availability and leave recorded messages in the event a prospect is unavailable.

Progressive Dialer:

Immediately upon an agent’s availability, individually dial each subsequent lead one at a time, filtering out answering machines, faxes, and unanswered calls to eliminate call abandonment.

Opt-in Campaigns:

Enhance the success of agent-less outbound campaigns with the ability to offer contacted leads the option to speak with a live agent or representative at the point of contact.

Blended Call Center Solution:

Tired of watching your agents twiddle their thumbs between calls? Wish your inbound and outbound teams could be more flexible depending on call volumes? A Blended Call Center Solution allows you to enhance your call center’s overall productivity by enabling your agents to both make and receive calls as demand and strategy dictate. No more unnecessary divisions of agents and workstations. Your resources work efficiently all of the time.

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