Self-Service with IVR

Self-Service or Enablement through IVR:

When considering the fact that 67% of consumers prefer self-service over speaking to a live representative, and an IVR call minute is 80% cheaper than an agent led interaction, there is no denying the importance of offering telephony based self-service to customers. Through text-to-speech tools and advanced database management integrations, clients can quickly service their own needs (check an order status, cancel a transaction, view their account balance, etc.) and free your reps to address more pressing initiatives.

Simple IVR Set-Up:

Using advanced IVR tools, design your IVR menu, on-the-fly, with a simple click, drag, and drop. Users can easily record custom IVR prompts, link menu options to predetermined agent skills groups, and make any necessary modifications to meet your customers’ unique needs and your business’s unique workflow.

Easily Manage High Call-Volumes:

With state-of-the-art IVR tools powering your telephony system, manage high-call volumes with ease. By greeting customers the moment they call your business, providing updates on their wait-time or position in queue, and offering the option to be called back if necessary, reduce call abandonment, and improve the overall customer experience. Supervisors can also prioritize incoming calls based on customer tiers, size, strategic importance, or past experience, to ensure more pressing matters are addressed first.

Lower Cost Per Transaction:

Verifying your customers’ identity and establishing their needs while on a call can be an inefficient and expensive undertaking. Let the IVR solution, efficiently gather client details, immediately verify caller identify through CRM configuration, and automatically route them to the most qualified individual, while populating agent screens with all relevant client information. Clients can also automatically be routed to the individual with whom they last spoke to enhance the overall experience.

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