Why in the Cloud?

Why in the Cloud Contact Center?

Why Does It Matter? A full spectrum of solutions for superior cloud-based Contact Center performance.

When you transform your on-premise call center to a true cloud contact center, you’ll immediately see the difference. Your business rapidly deploy an instantly scalable, true multi-tenant Omnichannel contact center solution to reveal benefits that lead you to unmatched quality service, flexibility and business results.

  1. Rapid Deployment

I true cloud based technology accelerates your time to contact center value. In fact, with no hardware or software hosted on-premise, you can be up and running quickly and easily in as little as a few hours. Plus, Omnichannel contact center software is easy to use and requires much less training than typical call center solutions.

     2. Instant Scalability

No matter how many agents you have or where they are located, Omnichannel contact center software is available to you anytime, anywhere—in an instant. Scale up or down to support even extremely large spikes in contact center volume with “dynamic bursting”.

      3. Multi-Tenancy Power

Every customer is on the same version of Omnichannel contact center software. That means no customer is left behind when the latest features, the most advanced technologies and the strongest security enhancements are introduced. The result? An unprecedented level of innovation and collaboration within the community.

     4. Save time and money

Using cloud contact center software avoids the lengthy time and high cost of in-house coders to develop needed call center capabilities not found in your original call center suite.

      5. Integrate with social mediaCloud-based call center software makes it easy to integrate your call center with free social media tools such as Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook to provide your customers an extra channel of communication.

     6. Eliminate costly maintenanceWith cloud call center software you have nothing to install and maintain, no capital expenditure, and no need for internal technical expertise.

     7. Maximize up-time

Working with proven cloud contact center software providers, you are guaranteed maximum up-time and no required maintenance windows.

     8. Unlimited on-demand scalability

Know that, with cloud-based call center software, the bandwidth and capabilities are available to meet your growing needs.

Tap the power of million-dollar call center solutions in cloud-based call center software at a fraction of the cost. Our technology partners provide a better suite of hosted call center management products than most million-dollar premise-based call center solutions. With limited up-front costs, unlimited scalability, and better flexibility, our partner systems work for you to achieve all your call center goals.

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