Omnichannel Six Parts


Enjoy inbound, outbound, and blended voice capabilities to assist your sales, marketing, service, and/or support teams in providing the highest quality customer experience.

Chat / Screen Share

Allow customers to conveniently type any questions, comments, or concerns to a live rep, or simply enjoy the convenience of rep-to-rep internal communications within your business.

Social Media (FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and More to come)

Automatically route all social media posts directly into the contact center and quickly identify existing customers, ensuring all posts are followed up with in a timely manner by the most qualified individual.

SMS / Text

Easily send text messages to customers’ mobile device once a disposition is chosen, personalizing their overall experience with your business, and allowing you to grasp their attention while on the go.

Email / Fax

Automatically route all emails directly into the contact center and trigger any desired action (send an email, send a text message, place in queue for a call, treat as high priority, update lead field, discard, etc.) based on predetermined rules, ensuring every email is handled in the most appropriate manner.

Self Help

Self help through IVR is a technology that allows a computer to detect voice and keypad inputs. The difference between an IVR experience that clearly and effectively guides a caller through the process to achieving a result is not technology, but design.

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