VoIP call termination is used to refer to the procedures that are used for routing telephone calls from one provider to the next provider until the call has been routed to the last telephone company and has been received by the recipient. Voice termination is another term that is used for call termination. The telephone companies are also referred to as providers or carriers.

Termination or Outbound Calls in the telecommunications world is where most businesses make money. From Boiler Room to Glengarry Glen Ross to Wall Street and most recently the Wolf of Wall Street, they were all dialing for dollars. But most every business has a sales department or a collections department. An example of a collections BPO call center working for WaMu in 2007 that was running more than 1000 concurrent call (actually two DS3 or 1344 lines). They were doing a lot of short ACD (average call duration) calls that lasted 15 seconds to find a person to speak with. WaMu went out of business in 2007 and their last carrier’s bill did not get paid.

Telecom carriers in general do not like short ACD calls, but there are 20 carriers in the USA that that is their “bread and butter”. Short ACD calls have a higher CPM (cost per minute) because Short ACD calls utilize many more ports and have higher risk of being paid.

Not all call centers are like the movies mentioned above or WaMu but the risk is greater than a company with a lower ACD business. And in telecommunications the long ACD can also utilize many more ports, not because the ports are busy but because the Telecommunications companies must buy additional ports for high water mark of calls. A top conference bridge company with 25-30 minute ACD can not afford to have a fast busy or not enough ports available.

There is also International Termination, or calls to foreign countries. Sometimes those small countries have a much higher CPM (cost per minute) and this exposes a call center or enterprise to fraud. There are some carriers that can monitor traffic and look for fraud calls, and stop it before it gets out of hand.

Last is retail traffic. this traffic the ACD is 3-8 minutes depending on the caller’s profile.



Dialer Termination

Short Call Termniation

USA LCR (least cost routing) Termination

Retail Termination (3 minute+ ACD (average call duration))

International Termination

Toll Free Termination (Calling Toll Free Numbers and being paid for the minutes)

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