Toll Free Fast & Vanity Toll Free

When you need Toll Free numbers, you need them fast. All the carriers we recommend are RespOrg carriers. RespOrg stands for “Responsible Organization” member of the Toll Free database. They can get one number or many numbers in a batch very quickly on the same day as requested.

If you need a VANITY number, our carriers can do a quick search of the Toll Free database and help find that optimal Toll Free.  Usually when we find a number that spells something it will most likely be a lower grade 855 or 844 Toll Free. However, we can recommend 2-3 honest Vanity Number companies that sell or lease numbers they have on-hand. Some websites where you can search toll free numbers will monitor your searches and will reserve the numbers you found. Mostly bad guys with superfast programs that have a much better chance of getting your better vanity numbers. There are many professional Toll Free squatters, who search daily the database of Toll Free numbers. This is a very specialized and murky sector of telecom.

One of the good websites is their website has a ton of information on the bad players. The same website offers a service where they set-up a program to reserve the good numbers when that drop into the database at 11PM EST nightly. is not too successful in grabbing high value numbers that start with 800.  I know of one good guy that can beat the bad guys for 2-4 numbers that drop each night, he charges $1500 minimum and sometimes more if two people are interested in the same number.

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