Payout on misdialed 1800/DIDs

Call centers sometimes save up many 800/DIDs for that “just in case need”. We can run a report on the numbers that will get the most misdialed calls a month. Until now no one benefited from calls. The caller didn’t connect to their intended party and the call center didn’t profit from the telephone traffic. Basically there are 3 types of misdialed numbers:

  • Disconnected: The caller receives a busy signal, or due to technical difficulty, the call was incomplete.
  • Incomplete: The caller calls a number that is no longer working.
  • Misdialed: The caller entered the wrong digits and the call landed elsewhere.

There have been attempts to do this before. But they did not work for these reasons:

  • When caller hear a “Get your free trip…” or the “Sexy women are waiting…” and everyone is hanging up as quick as possible.
  • Because of the horrible products being “sold” the numbers actually lose value.
  • Business tried advertising on unused numbers to sell something.
  • The “dial through percent” was 1%.
  • To make any money the phone caller’s phone numbers were resold to other predators.

We found a honest “Health Survey” that gets 17% “dial through percent”.

  • The answers are used by real medical research.
  • The callers phone numbers are not resold to bottom feeders.
  • The caller’s answer’s to the Health Survey remain anonymous.
  • The health researcher gets quality data at a lower cost with faster data collection and analysis.
  • These numbers can quickly be pushed back to your Resporg.
  • Or we can arrange a 3rd party resporg to house them.
  • You will have zero cost per minute.
  • DIDs face a smaller market but also can get a payout.
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