Dialer Termination

This no restrictions product can handle anything you throw at it, with stable uptime and reliability. Call Center Pros has a Dialer product that is perfect for call centers, marketing companies, political dialing, and anything that’s high volume, high capacity traffic. Now you have a partner that won’t turn away your business, and knows how to tackle the inherent challenges associated with low ACD burst traffic. Boasting CPS levels over 10,000 being easily handled, Call Center Pros is your high capacity solution.

Call Center Pros has dialer route is unlike most available in the market today, and can be a significant differentiator. Delivering not only competitive rates, but also unmatched quality without sacrificing capacity or high volume performance capabilities, Call Center Pros Dialer product will separate you from the rest of the pack. Now you have a secret weapon giving your company a competitive advantage when bidding on high volume call center traffic.

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