Social media is transforming customer service

Social Media is transforming Social-Media

customer service, especially

in the call center industry.


From contact resolution, escalation channels, helping lower inbound call volume, to promoting positive customer feedback, social media is giving call centers more tools to measure the sentiment of their callers and providing real-time information.

Leverage social media to protect your brand… 24 hours a day

Social media customer service is becoming more important as customers are demanding that your business interacts with them on the communication platform of their choice. Customers expect to have customer service no matter what the time of day, month, year, or preferred mode of contact: social media platforms included. Call centers with a focus on social media customer service can handle high customer interactions in a timely manner. 24-hours a day social media customer service agents can monitor all customer interactions with your brand, whether on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and future social media networks, and can help correct a negative customer experience IMMEDIATELY – either right on the social media platform or by an outbound call to fix the customers issue immediately.

Benefits of Social Media Customer Service:

• Protect your brand image
• 24/7 customer interaction
• Save time
• Increase customer engagement
• Expand marketing platforms/channels
• Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
• Provides data for sales and marketing analytics
• Call deflection

Delight your customers, protect your brand, and tap into an Omnichannel Contact Center WITH… Social Media

Social Media Customer Service provides:

• Monitoring
• Engagement/Response
• Moderation
• Analytics
• Content Development
• 24-hour support

Finding the industry’s best social media customer service support through Call Center Pros costs you nothing.

As the social technology and best practices are evolving rapidly selecting a social media customer service contact center can be challenging and time consuming. Call Center Pros can help by consulting with you on the many Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions with our years experience.

Your goal is delivering the best customer experience. Our mission is to help you make that happen by finding you the best social Omnichannel Contact Center provider for your needs.

Call us to help you save time, reduce your risk, and drive peak performance of your social customer service. +1-404 936 4000

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