The Customer Having Control is the Key to Great CX

The Customer Having Control is the Key to Great CX

The biggest challenge faced by the advances of technology is not getting them right in separate silos; it is bringing them together into an unfailing, holistic customer experience. The challenge is no longer to merely create a great product or service, with good customer service offering and a functional/helpful website; it is to flawlessly join up an increasing number of different touchpoints. Many business find themselves having to integrate their products and services, brick and mortar stores, transactional websites, self-service kiosks, Smartphone apps, social media content and contact centers and maybe also across different countries their individual languages.


Getting this kind of OmniChannel customer experience right is a colossal challenge, but indispensable. The expectation of fantastic customer experience is huge, so the consistently of information across the all the different channels is essential. If your customers must hop from isolated website, to the call center, to the shop and then back to the call center again to solve a simple problem is more than infuriating. Customers now want and expect personalized customer experiences; customers want them delivered in the channel that best suites the customer. The customer having control through OmniChannel is the key to great customer experience.


James Wilson, CEO

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