Call Center Termination

March 25, 2016

Call Center Termination

Flexible Pricing

(Flat Rate, LRN, or dialed number) Allow us to supply no non-sense pricing, with no penalties on your call center termination for both flat rate and NPA/NXX (LRN and DNIS billing) based pricing models.

Competitive Rates

On call center termination, Call Centers are our specialty. We are dedicated to providing high capacity, high quality service with the most competitive rates in the industry.

NO Surcharges, EVER.

Don’t get surcharged or turned away by picky call center termination providers unable to effectively manage and overcome challenges due to short duration calls.

Reliable and Scalable

We can handle every capacity need. With capabilities of supporting over 10,000 calls setups per second, our proprietary call center termination / dialer platform can handle large call volumes with ease.

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